Design & Branding

We strive to deeply understand our clients’ market to determine the existing perception and needs, as well as the competitors positioning.  It is the only way to develop a qualified work, through which design & branding can define brands success. For a new product or service, a line extension, a new image or a new campaign, TBWA\ANGOLA profoundly commits to each of its projects.

We approach each product or service from several angles, with na integrated vision, in order to provide a unified brand image, consistent and flexible enough so it can be worked in all our clients’ business’ aspects: corporate logo, colors, copy, packaging and advertising in all media.

Despite the products/services image, ads and marketing material consist in the aspect most associate to branding efforts, copy is also na essential part and we strive in a way so all the product/service communication speaks in only one voice, showing that the imagem is from a specific brand and also the voice is from a unique source. Our goal is to create the appropriated visual and speech that may represent the brand in the minds of its customers’, potential customers and its business comunity in general.

We design and create solid, contemporary and successful brands.


Enjoy some of our Campaigns.