Creative Solutions – Disruption

We work under the disruption concept. Disruption is not destruction but creation. And this is our approach to our clients’ markets. This is the way how you look to spot opportunities and get away from conventions. To generate ideas that enhance the growth of all the brands we work on. To create something dynamic to replace something that became static.
Disruption is our working method and our life philosophy. Is our Art of asking the best questions, to challenge conventional wisdom and breaking with the dogmas that bar our imagination, that refrain us from getting to new possibilities and visionary ideas.
Media Arts is the way how we apply the ideas so they flourish in the world. Is the way how we create meaningful connections and manage brands behavior in the media and in the world.
Audience for us is the way how we speak with and about the people. We do not speak with consumers anymore. That would be assuming that people are willing and ready to consume. And this is not the way the world works nowadays. We have to understand our audience behavior, get their attention and invite them to our brands stories.
When we make a brand’s idea become alive in a certain media to an open and story aware audience, we are not making advertising but creating meaning.
Let’s change the rules!