TBWA\ANGOLA is proud to integrate TBWA network, which counts more than 237 offices in 75 countries and more than 8 thousand employees all over the world. Being connect to TBWA\WORLDWIDE, we quickly access crucial information and state of the art working methods that we apply in Angola after proper location, with positive results for our clients and our team, who this way benefits from better working tools.

In TBWA\ANGOLA, we are more than 20 employees, divided in Account, Creativity, Production and Planning. The ongoing training is our main tool to evolve and keep us as a reference in Angolan market and among our clients.


Because we are an Angolan team working in Angola for Angolan people, we do have a wide knowledge of our market and our audience in various sectors of activity. Only with this strong local vision we can work and adapt ideas, experiences, know-how and creativity to Angolan reality.


Our mission is to learn. In a constantly evolving market such as Angola, it is always necessary to be constantly learning. Only then can we apply our concept of ”Disruption”. “Disruption” means doing things differently and our biggest difference is knowing the market, knowing what people like and how they behave. And we invest in people working with us as well as in working methods that every day we put in our business.


We do not think in public, customers or consumers. We think of those who need products or services and we think to improve quality of life. Work, creativity, aesthetic coherence, critical thinking, ethics and respect for what we do to generate ideas outside the box, within the deadlines.

TBWA ANGOLA is a company of Grupo Special Edition.