TBWA\ANGOLA is proud to integrate TBWA network, which counts more than 237 offices in 75 countries and more than 8 thousand employees all over the world. Being connect to TBWA\WORLDWIDE, we quickly access crucial information and state of the art working methods that we apply in Angola after proper location, with positive results for our clients and our team, who this way benefits from better working tools.

In TBWA\ANGOLA, we are more than 20 employees, divided in Account, Creativity, Production and Planning. The ongoing training is our main tool to evolve and keep us as a reference in Angolan market and among our clients.

TBWA ANGOLA is a company from Special Edition Holding.



A equipa da TBWA\ANGOLATBWA\ANGOLA team relies on its members whom, above all, are passionate about what they do and each brand they work for.

We all have in mind the constant need of reorganization to improve our service to clients and our creative work and we all strive for this being an ongoing task. Like keeping our vision always without any limits, according to our concept of disruption.

Only with a diversified team as TBWA\ANGOLA we can deliver the work we deliver to our customers and congratulate ourselves on the positive results it generates to our customers and to our company.

From calmer and prudent creatives to more eccentric ones to whom everything counts to generate ideas, passing by the professionals who pay more attention to detail, deadlines and various restrictions, TBWA\ANGOLA is proud to count on each one, without exception, in its team.

Developers, designers, accounts, … we are all waiting for you!